Mokutaro Shiroyabu
Affiliation: 25th Ward Heinous Crimes Unit

Pursues perpetrators of violent crimes in the 25th Ward, where "crime is infectious."
Rookie detective known by the nickname "Jabroni." Originally stationed at a smaller local precinct in the countryside.

Shinko Kuroyanagi
Affiliation: 25th Ward Heinous Crimes Unit

Shiroyabu's superior, and member of the same HC Unit.
Her tough and imposing attitude and volatile behavior have earned her the nickname "Japanese Dirty Harry."

Shinkai Tsuki
Affiliation: Regional Adjustment Bureau

Spends his days "adjusting" ward residents considered to be troublesome or bad influences.
Has a complicated past with ties to many organizations in the 24 Wards and 25th Ward alike, and bears a deep-seated hatred toward violent crimes and criminals.
Specializes in carrying out "adjustments" using his trusty knife.

Tokio Morishima
Affiliation: Unknown

Former journalist with a passion for investigating occurrences in the 25th Ward.
Previously a resident of the 24 Wards, he lost his memory―and by extension, his own understanding of himself―due to events originating with the Kamui case.

Kusabi Tetsugoro
Kodai Sumio
Hachisuka Chizuru
Nakategawa Morichika
Uehara Kamui

Arrested during commission of crimes related to "The Silver Case" in March 1979. Admitted to the IMM Hospital psych ward upon receiving a diagnosis of "extremely high-level psychosis," subsequently began counseling therapy. Known to some residents of the 24 Wards as the "Man of the Century." As a string of serial killings begins, Kamui kills his counselor and escapes.